The low profile and small footprint fits in any pocket.

The battery pack is the largest capacity (2,500 mAh) that we could fit inside the Wallger AND have a built-in charging cable for convenience. It can realistically recharge smartphones 50 to 80% - adding hours of use.​

Lifetime Free Battery Replacement Labor-If the lithium ion batteries ever need replacement, we will replace it without any labor charge. 

High quality handcrafted leather wallets combine fashion and function, starting with the quick swipe credit card slot.

Each has 4 vertical card / ID slots, with an inside cash compartment.​​


All credit cards and most ID cards will have embedded RFID chips which store your personal information. Unfortunately they are easy to steal by thieves walking around with scanners.

Wallgers have lightweight German designed RFID firewalls to keep your information shielded and protected. 

As it is USA is focused on handcrafted fashion accessories with the best materials and craftsmanship. 

Wallgers is our new line of fashionable and functional wallets and will have the same detail and focus on craftsmanship, design, and quality materials. Each will be handcrafted for us by small shops so we can keep tight quality control.

That’s what makes Wallgers look and perform better than other “RFID wallets with phone chargers”. We designed the wallet and battery pack at the same time so they fit without looking like they were thrown together by a charger manufacturer.

craftsmanship • design • quality materials

Wallgers are the 1st and only designer wallets to have the phone charger pocket. The thin lithium ion battery packs with a built-in charging cable for both Android and Apple phones and tablets.

They can easily add hours of use, and be recharged without opening up the Wallger.